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End Surveillance Capitalism Now!

The public square MUST belong to the public! It’s that simple. If you are stupid enough to base your business model on creating a public square, then we MUST turn your stupidity into altruism – and seize your public square for… THE PUBLIC SQUARE.

Facebook has built a nice app for people to find each other and communicate with each other. Thanks Facebook! We'll take it from here – creating a public utility MANDATED to be fair and open, vigorously supporting the First and Fourth amendments.

Google has created a great search engine for the vast WWW. Thanks Google! We'll take it from here. Their search engine must be taken from them and made a utility in the public domain. Publish its code online and make it part of the public domain. Incorporate it into the open standards of HTML. No one owns any HTML “bracket” codes. They’re available to all. Of course, there is a public group that maintains HTML standards and advances them. Fine. Make the Google search engine part of that.

Surveillance capitalism is a gross violation of the fourth amendment. Declare any entity engaged in surveillance capitalism as an illegal enterprise. Fine them. Sue them. End. The. Practice. Tomorrow!

That’s just a mere beginning to what must happen – this week.

If Big Tech can de-platform people and companies this week, then, before the end of the month, Verizon will be breaking into our phone conversations to "fact check" them and to warn us, "next time, we will cancel your phone."

We must do it now or lose our nation. Otherwise, we will be in the western, English speaking province of Communist China before the snow melts here in upstate New York.

© Matthew Schilling January 2021

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