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My Short Story Is Now Available On Amazon!
Introducing... Life Along The Luangwa

LATL Cover

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Life Along the Luangwa describes the dramatic interplay between several species of animals that intermingle by the Luangwa river in Zambia, Africa. The drama that unfolds involves a herd of hippos, a family of Oxpeckers ("back birds"), and a pride of lions - as well as a pair of proud Wattling Cranes.

The adventure begins with the birth in the river of a newborn hippo. Come follow the effects of little Henry's arrival as it ripples out across the others carving out a life for themselves along the meandering river.

This story of friendship, heroism, and survival began as a tale I spun for my grandchildren. With vivid illustrations by Toby Mikle, it has now been recorded for all to enjoy.

© Matthew Schilling July 2020

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