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New Covenant Wine
From Old Covenant Grapes


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The Old Testament is undiscovered territory for too many Christians. Spiritual malnourishment is the result of a Christian diet lacking Old Testament nutrients. Drink here to forestall spiritual scurvy! The fountainhead for each chapter in this book is an Old Testament passage. As the passage is discussed it is joined to New Testament passages and concepts, bringing a cohesive whole that inspires and informs.

This book is replete with golden nuggets for the reader to discover. Sometimes convicted; sometimes stirred to respond; oftentimes blessed by the goodness of God, readers will come away encouraged and edified.

● See the gospel through Abigail as she stands between David and Nabal. ● See Christ in Daniel as he handles an angry dreamer. ● Behold his friends portray the Church in the province. ● Learn with a widow that He who made everything from nothing now makes a lot out of a little. ● See truth trump facts as rejected people reveal their true father. ● Learn the soaring truth within the Lord declaring His glory has risen upon us. ● Stand with Moses' brother Aaron between the living and the dead as he stops a plague.

© Matthew Schilling July 2020

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