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I'm Planning To Write a Poem

I'm planning to write a poem
I know just what I'll do
Line three will agree with four
Then I will add one line more
That will rhyme with line two

Now I've settled on a plan
So let's see where this will lead
If four once more bends to three
Then perhaps you will agree
My plan just might succeed

But I want to add a twist
To the layout of each third line
You'll see line three will hold
Its very own rhythmic gold
Within this plan of mine

Did you notice something else
In the layout of this ditty?
To round the sound further still
Four and five required some skill
To help this sound pretty

Well now I think it time
To bring this to a close
The end will send to bed
A poet scratching his head
What next to write, who knows?

© Matthew Schilling April 2014

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