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Recorded Devotion House Ministries Messages

Date Speaker Title MP3 File
3/19/2023 David Cosgrove Preparation For Destination
    - Prophetic Exhortations Up Out of Worship...
3/12/2023 David Cosgrove The Stranger Than Fiction
2/19/2023 David Cosgrove Revival to Reformation
2/12/2023 David Cosgrove Consensual Faith
2/5/2023 Matt Schilling Songs of Ascent
1/15/2023 Matt Schilling Pierce Through, O Poor in Spirit, To God Who Has Set His Heart On You
1/8/2023 David Cosgrove A Peg In The Holy Place
12/18/2022 David Cosgrove Born and Bred
12/11/2022 David Larrabee What In The World Is God Doing?
12/4/2022 Matt Schilling The Gospel According To Joseph - Cont'd
11/27/2022 David Cosgrove My Portion and My Cup
11/20/2022 David Cosgrove Friendship With God
10/30/2022 David Cosgrove Not On Our Terms
10/23/2022 David Cosgrove A Heart Set On Pilgramage
10/9/2022 Matt Schilling Power And Demonstration of the Holy Spirit
10/2/2022 David Cosgrove Dream Believer
9/25/2022 Nikolay Markov Friend of God
9/18/2022 David Larrabee If You Knew Who Was Asking You For A Drink
9/11/2022 Matt Schilling The Essential Spirit
9/4/2022 David Cosgrove Beside Ourselves For The Sound Mind
8/28/2022 David Cosgrove The Unique and The Unusual
8/21/2022 Matt Schilling But You
8/14/2022 David Cosgrove Winding Upward
7/24/2022 Matt Schilling We Are His Building And His Builders
7/17/2022 David Cosgrove The Threefold Foundation
7/10/2022 David Cosgrove The Found That Deals With Loss
6/26/2022 Matt Schilling Sons and Daughters of The Fresh Golden Flow
6/19/2022 David Cosgrove The Goodness of God
6/12/2022 David Cosgrove Pressed To His Power
6/5/2022 David Larrabee Taught Of God
5/29/2022 David Cosgrove Components Of The Composite
5/22/2022 David Cosgrove Propensity vs. Proclivity
5/15/2022 Matt Schilling He Is The Way To Walk
5/8/2022 David Larrabee Looking Unto Jesus - with Body Ministry
5/1/2022 David Cosgrove Kingdom Citizenship Through The Cross
4/24/2022 David Cosgrove Impartiality For An Open Heaven
4/17/2022 Matt Schilling He Is Vindicated!
4/10/2022 David Cosgrove Tailored For You
4/3/2022 David Cosgrove Harvest Of Hungry Hearts
  David Larrabee - Leads Us In Communion...
3/27/2022 Matt Schilling For Adam Through Abraham
3/20/2022 David Larrabee I Can Of Myself Do Nothing
3/13/2022 David Cosgrove Stones To Gather
3/6/2022 David Cosgrove Own The Belt
2/27/2022 Matt Schilling Pencils In The Hand of the Lord
2/20/2022 David Larrabee The Barley Harvest
2/13/2022 David Cosgrove Heaven's Perspective Rules
2/6/2022 David Cosgrove Divine Order
1/30/2022 Matt Schilling Our Interfaces With the Living God
1/23/2022 Elese Cosgrove Return To Me
1/2/2022 David Cosgrove Complete In Him
12/19/2021 David Cosgrove Under To Be Over
11/21/2021 Joseph Mutua From Defeat To Victory: The Story of Gideon
11/14/2021 David Cosgrove Eternal Weight of Glory
11/7/2021 David Cosgrove Known And Believed
10/31/2021 Matt Schilling Proclaim In The Name Of The Lord
10/24/2021 David Cosgrove All In?
10/17/2021 David Cosgrove Come Magnify the Lord with Me
10/10/2021 David Cosgrove The Stretch of God
10/3/2021 Matt Schilling We Are Arks of God
9/19/2021 David Cosgrove Fodder For The Fire
9/12/2021 Matt Schilling Good vs. Evil?
9/5/2021 David Cosgrove The Rise And Fall of Many
8/29/2021 David Cosgrove The Double Minded
8/22/2021 David Larrabee Do Not Come Down Abide In Jesus
8/15/2021 David Cosgrove In The Bosom Of The Father
8/8/2021 Matt Schilling Revelation of Christ In a People
8/1/2021 David Larrabee I Thirst
7/25/2021 David Cosgrove Headship, Judgment And Justice
7/18/2021 David Cosgrove Burnt Stones Made... Flames of Fire
7/11/2021 Matt Schilling The Gap
7/4/2021 Elese Cosgrove Take No Prisoners
6/13/2021 David Cosgrove An Unfettered Future
6/6/2021 David Larrabee Our Leprosy
5/23/2021 Matt Schilling And God Saw That It Was Good
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