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Recorded Devotion House Ministries Messages

Date Speaker Title MP3 File
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12/19/2021 David Cosgrove Under To Be Over
11/21/2021 Joseph Mutua From Defeat To Victory: The Story of Gideon
11/14/2021 David Cosgrove Eternal Weight of Glory
11/7/2021 David Cosgrove Known And Believed
10/31/2021 Matt Schilling Proclaim In The Name Of The Lord
10/24/2021 David Cosgrove All In?
10/17/2021 David Cosgrove Come Magnify the Lord with Me
10/10/2021 David Cosgrove The Stretch of God
10/3/2021 Matt Schilling We Are Arks of God
9/19/2021 David Cosgrove Fodder For The Fire
9/12/2021 Matt Schilling Good vs. Evil?
9/5/2021 David Cosgrove The Rise And Fall of Many
8/29/2021 David Cosgrove The Double Minded
8/22/2021 David Larrabee Do Not Come Down Abide In Jesus
8/15/2021 David Cosgrove In The Bosom Of The Father
8/8/2021 Matt Schilling Revelation of Christ In a People
8/1/2021 David Larrabee I Thirst
7/25/2021 David Cosgrove Headship, Judgment And Justice
7/18/2021 David Cosgrove Burnt Stones Made... Flames of Fire
7/11/2021 Matt Schilling The Gap
7/4/2021 Elese Cosgrove Take No Prisoners
6/13/2021 David Cosgrove An Unfettered Future
6/6/2021 David Larrabee Our Leprosy
5/23/2021 Matt Schilling And God Saw That It Was Good
4/2/2020 Matt Schilling Standing Between The Living And The Dead
3/8/2020 Matt Schilling Worldly Brazen, Meet Godly Bold
3/1/2020 David Cosgrove Sanctification That Guards Salvation
2/23/2020 David Cosgrove Your Encounter With Power
2/16/2020 David Larrabee Welcoming the Presence of the Lord
2/9/2020 David Cosgrove The Principled Disciple
2/2/2020 David Cosgrove The Principle of Loss That Finds
1/12/2020 David Cosgrove Simon Called Peter
12/29/2019 Matt Schilling David, Nabal and Abigail
12/15/2019 David Cosgrove Vortex
12/8/2019 David Cosgrove The Nativity Entailed
11/24/2019 David Cosgrove The Dance and/or The Drama
10/6/2019 John Okinda Our Job Description
10/6/2019 David Cosgrove Familiarity That Annuls Faith
9/22/2019 David Cosgrove God In The Details
8/25/2019 Geoff Pollock Arise and Shine to The Love of God
8/11/2019 Matt Schilling The Furnace of Affliction
8/4/2019 David Cosgrove Working With God
7/28/2019 John Heiss What Were You Baptized Into?
7/14/2019 Matt Schilling Mature And Fully Assured
7/7/2019 David Cosgrove By What Measure
6/30/2019 Elese Cosgrove The Spirit Of The Lord Is Upon Me Because
6/23/2019 David Cosgrove A Trip To Bountiful
6/16/2019 David Cosgrove Feed The Seed
6/09/2019 Peggy Jones Walking Signs and Wonders
5/19/2019 Matt Schilling Christ In You, The Hope of Glory
5/12/2019 David Cosgrove The Zeal of The Lord
5/5/2019 Niki and Rossi Markovy By Faith and Obedience
4/28/2019 David Cosgrove Positioning Of The Heart
4/21/2019 David Cosgrove Shaken To The Unshakeable
4/14/2019 Dan Lockwood The Rock of Revelation
4/7/2019 David Cosgrove The God of Conversions
3/31/2019 Bishop Joseph Mutua Faith To Live By
3/24/2019 David Cosgrove Futility to Fertility of Faith
3/17/2019 David Cosgrove Futility to Fertility
3/10/2019 Matt Schilling Hungry
3/3/2019 Kevin Smith Wake Up!
2/24/2019 David Cosgrove The Highest Value
2/17/2019 David Cosgrove God's War with Amalek
2/3/2019 Dan Lockwood What to Expect When You're Expecting
1/20/2019 Matt Schilling Once Your Obedience Is Complete! (Recorded from Facebook Live)
1/6/2019 David Cosgrove Reason For Faith
12/30/2018 Matt Schilling Broken Arrow!
12/23/2018 David Cosgrove Certainty For The Glory
12/16/2018 David Cosgrove A Child Destined
12/9/2018 Elese Cosgrove Glory
12/2/2018 David Cosgrove The Chastened Life
11/25/2018 Matt Schilling The Stage is Set
11/18/2018 David Cosgrove Get A Grip
9/16/2018 David Cosgrove Over Our Heads
9/2/2018 Matt Schilling Baptized Into The Divine
8/19/2018 David Cosgrove Encouragement From Behind For Before
8/12/2018 David Cosgrove Our Interest In His Glory
8/5/2018 Rob and Mary Grindley Overcoming Roadblocks
7/22/2018 Jose Santana I am Holding To Your Promises
7/15/2018 David Cosgrove A Certain Woman Certain
7/8/2018 David Cosgrove My Heart Is Fixed
6/24/2018 Geoff Pollock Restoration With Gentleness
5/27/2018 Kevin Smith The Declaration of the Word of God
4/29/2018 David Cosgrove Godliness With Contentment
4/22/2018 Matt Schilling Has Spoken To Us In Son
4/15/2018 David Cosgrove Time and Space - Cont'd
4/8/2018 David Cosgrove Time and Space
4/1/2018 August Maclauchlan Power With The Holy Spirit
3/25/2018 Elese Cosgrove Born To Us
3/18/2018 Anthony DelGrosso The Anointing
3/11/2018 Matt Schilling Take Heart in God and Be of Good Cheer!
3/4/2018 David Cosgrove In the Vein of the Heart of God
2/4/2018 David Cosgrove A Man Full
1/14/2018 David Cosgrove A Day Against Days
1/7/2018 Rod Levey Seeing Him - Hearing Him - Going for Him
12/31/2017 Matt Schilling He'll Not Give His Glory to Another
12/17/2017 David Cosgrove The Fuel For Our Fire In God
12/10/2017 David Cosgrove Recall From the Fall
12/3/2017 Elese Cosgrove Kings and Priests
11/26/2017 David Cosgrove Separation From The Dust
11/19/2017 Kevin Smith The Providence of God
11/12/2017 Matt Schilling Exchanging Paradigms
11/05/2017 David Cosgrove The Peace of God That Passes Understanding
10/22/2017 Geoff Pollack How Do We Fit In?
10/15/2017 David Cosgrove Fit For The Kingdom
10/08/2017 David Cosgrove Until The Lord Comes
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